Dawson City on winter time (Klondike, Yukon, Canada)


Andrée Bélanger was born in the Lower St Lawrence Valley in Québec, Canada.

She studied languages and history, travelled and experimented various professions for years. The artist discovered her vocation while studying visual art in Dawson City (Yukon, Canada), over the winter of 2012-2013. She took advantage of the open-mindedness of this unique and diverse community to complete various personal projects.

Feeling the culture shock of her return home to Québec in the spring of 2013, she worked with the artist centre Caravansérail to present her first solo exhibition, “Civilized”. Leading her search for identity further back into humans’ roots, she enjoyed an other winter in the North and prepared a solo exhibition entitled “Origins”.

In summer 2014, a quest for material led her to a collective yet very personal performance project. She ended up “Finding Diadem in the pit” with UQAR’s Archaeology and Heritage Laboratory, exhuming the carcass of a horse buried on her family’s land seventeen years earlier. A short film, two installations and a solo exhibition resulted from the performance.

Then, the artist went into exile to Europe. Adaptation turned out difficult : her first exhibitions in France, “Hard Fullness” (Colmars, 2015) and “Scattered Snow : Core Exile” (Allons, 2016), testified to this tough process.

By the spring of 2016, there has been a break-through in her artistic practice, which matched exhibition opportunities : she came up with “Rupture(s)”, which led her beyond her valley into Digne-les-Bains and then Peyrolles en Provence. As she would slowly but surely become a part of her alpine environment, her work soon started blossoming through Southern France and beyond.

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