marble sculpting (Carrara, Italy)


The duty of the artist is to seize the world ; to offer back to the world a reflection that it may not immediately recognize. An accurate, though personal, portrait. To play this role, the artist needs to take a good look around and experiment. Hence, my art is fundamentally multidisciplinary. Inspiration comes from a variety of practices, locales and situations ; I use a variety of media, and I “prefer” them all. I aim to better understand human beings, our ways of perceiving time, space and other humans, and our way of building the world. Nature is an enduring source of fascination, offering several metaphors for the human condition.

How are identity and culture related to a notion of territory? How can time bind to space, and history bind to geography? Through the infinite network of possible connections to groups, how does an individual’s identity take shape? How is individual freedom and freedom of thought a contribution to the community? How does the temporal fusion of past and future into present, and the spatial fusion reconnecting humankind and nature work? How often does this phenomenon of fusion give birth to progression within tradition, or even to an organic technology? What are the concrete and abstract territories that shape the human being?

My artistic practice has taken shape around these matters. The resulting work seeks balance within the opposition of extremes, and unity in the superimposition of contrasts : reflected by myself and the world as I picture it.

© 2018 Andrée Bélanger

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